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Posted on 11.19.07 at 11:25
I Am Feeling: lethargiclethargic
Current Music: KANSAS
It's my last day in the Hill, I leave in a couple hours... everyone stay chill and stuff.

I'll probably still use this LiveJournal when I'm stationed wherever.

For someone who hates goodbyes, I've had quite a lot today.

Posted on 10.25.06 at 22:03

Posted on 02.28.06 at 01:28
I Am Feeling: crankycranky
Current Music: Mindless Self Indulgence - "Straight To Video"
SHIIIIT! I had a rather large staple go all the way into my foot tonight, it suuucks. For some reason, I have no problem pulling shards of glass and stuff out of my body. It bothers most people, but I guess I have a high pain tolerence. (Like I didn't already know that :P)

Yeah, so I got home from drumline rehearsal and got hassled for stupid shit by my mom, like always. I just wish my parents would grow up one day. Sure, they're a cute couple and all... and that's good, but it's really getting on my nerves. I need to visit my real dad more, 'cause he always does a good job at putting things in perspective for me.

And I'm sick of all these god damn misconceptions people have of me. NOBODY knows anything about me, so EVERYONE just needs to keep their mouth shut and have an open mind. Everyone's so judgemental, no one cares to listen.

HAHAHAHA... Well, today was just a terrible day, wasn't it? Oh. I might go out and buy some new clothes this week. New clothes make me feel good for some reason. I don't like that sort of synthetic pick-me-up, but it works. :D



SHS On The Line '05. LOLZ.

Posted on 03.13.05 at 17:53
I Am Feeling: happyhappy
Current Music: Martian Mambo.